Beach character without shame

What we are experiencing is a difficult period. Covid-19 has locked us up, it segregated us in our houses, it has put a strain on our ability to resilience and it makes it difficult to predict the future. But this is not the case for everyone!
As summer approaches, there are already those who think about the holiday season and who can’t wait to go to the beach during the various bank holiday weekends.
I remembered a character that I had modelled last year and I thought of updating it.
It is the first of a series of models that I want to make in the future:

Beach character without shame.

Beach character without shame

I have to admit that I am not a sea lover and when I happen to go to the seaside, in spite of myself, I am attracted by the fauna… sorry, by the people who go back and forth on the shore. Men with a shoulder bag or with a belt bag. Others with tight shorts with a milk-coloured belly in plain sight and tattoos, randomly placed on the body as if a child had painted them with a marker while the owners slept. For me I love to observe people’s behaviour, there is plenty of material. Certainly, this year the scenario will be different. I imagine much less populated beaches due to restrictions and lack of money, but it is not said. The Italians do not easily give up holidays and football. We will see what will happen in the coming weeks, when the good weather will be stable and the restrictive measures will be loosened.

Meanwhile, I present my first beach character without restraint: Beach character without shame:

(click the picture to enlarge)

Big belly fat

That is to say, a man without a belly is like a sky without stars

Anche tu sei un tipo da spiaggia senza ritegno
Model made with Zbrush rendered with Keyshot
Anche tu sei un tipo da spiaggia senza ritegno
Our character never listens to his wife
Anche tu sei un tipo da spiaggia senza ritegno
Same beach, same wife… but with a few more problems!


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